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Your trek through the deep forest takes you close to a dark grey hollowed out tree. You take one step toward it and then jump back as you think you hear a voice talking to you

"Leave this place!" The wind words strike to you to your core. You stumble back as a wind grows stronger and stronger. Tree branches snap at your feet. Your heart beat picks up as you as you rush to get get out of the way. You get up running blindly through the forest. As you push your way through the thick branches you stumble tripping over a thorny bush. You lay in the dirt for a moment, as you get up you find that the cuts have effected you in some way...

Could this be some kind of poison ? As your vision starts to get blurry you stumble. What are you going to do ?
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As Akmal seems surprised about the warning, he began to feel dizzy.
"I need to get out from this place quickly because I'm getting a headache. Let's move out fast guys" Akmal said.

He ran as fast as he could until he sees a light toward a new town.

"Finally a light let's hurry up"

Akmal follow the light and found that he arrived at a new town.

*Exiting Route 4 to enter Zenith Town*
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