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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
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the ball shakes
a flash shots out ! on no it opened back up ! Munna takes off would be shocked at your a blast of white light shot out!

" Zayna" A warm voice called to you through the blinding white light. As the color comes back you find yourself in the grass. Your figures move through the brittle fall leaves. You feel at a bit of loss as you notice the beautiful colors that once stained the leaves are now gone. You stand up in a field now off all dead leaves. The colorless mix of rotting leaves brings up two different feelings. One half you fears that the forest is dead, the other half of you feels something be honed the filed of leaves.

"Zayna" The voice calls to you again. You look around to see if you cant find who is calling to you. A cold breeze lifts of the leaves sending them further down the road. The leaves seems to be guiding you somewhere. You look down the newly formed path and begin to follow it. You dont know why you are following but you felt drawn to the whisper. You dont seem to notice that you are walking in some sort of dream land.
(Haha, it must've been a terrible roll xD Well, it was worth a shot)

Heh. Route 3 just isn't that kind to me, is it? Ah, well...

I follow the path in a trance, my mind feeling a little clouded. What was this place? I wondered distantly. I didn't linger over the thought too long, however. I was more concerned with the mysterious voice that kept calling me.

Then I realized that my Pokemon weren't with me.

I paused, glancing about worriedly. "Blaze?"

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