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Default Re: Worlds Collide


“After being missing since New Year’s Eve, Melbourne teenager, Kendall Ryan has been found, alive and well, on opposite sides of the planet to where he went missing 6 months ago.”
Laura almost dropped her laptop, when she walked into her room and heard the news broadcast. Her boyfriend of two years, who had been missing and presumed dead for the past 6 months was found. He was alive.

She put the laptop on her desk then grabbed her phone, looking for anyone who could get into contact with Kendall. She managed to get a hold of his dad, who told him he was meeting him at the airport in two days. He always liked Laura, and didn’t even consider saying no when she asked if she could come.

The last thing Kendall remembered was seeing Dialga, Palkia and Giratina, battling in the center of Jubilife city. There had been sightings of them reported all over Sinnoh. From what officials had gathered, the battle began at Spear Pillar on Mount Coronet. However when Palkia was injured, it fled, with the other two giving chase. The trio and their battle devastated many cities. But Jubilife was hit the worst.
Buildings were crashing, and the roads were destroyed. Where the Global Trade Station and its surrounding buildings used to stand, were the three legendary Pokemon, large beyond belief, causing terror with their battle.
Then everything went black. As if Kendal had passed out. When he woke up, he was surrounded by paramedics on a helicopter. It was pitch black, and no land beneath them to be seen. Only ocean.
“Do you know your name?” one of the paramedics asked him.
“Kendall Ryan.” He replied, confused as to what was going on. “Where am I?”
“We are currently flying towards the West Coast of the USA.” The paramedic replied to him.
‘So I am back?’ he thought to himself, ‘but how?’

It had been 2 days since Laura had heard of Kendall being found. Her and John, Kendall’s father, stood by the gate at International gate at Melbourne airport, as they waited for him to get off the plane. Finally he walked out.
At first they hadn’t recognised him. He had grown a bit in the past six months, his hair was longer, skin more tanned and more muscular. Lots of deep emotional things were said, but Kendall’s mind was far from home.
“They told us you were most likely dead.” Laura told him in the car on the way home, “What happened?”
“To be honest, I don’t know” Kendall replied, lying through his teeth, “I cannot remember a thing before I woke up on the helicopter.”
Kendall didn’t like lying to them, but if he told them the truth of what had happened in the past 6 months, he would have been declared mentally unstable, and probably put in a mental hospital. Nobody would believe him when he said he had been to the world of Pokemon.

At 3am that night, when Laura had finally gone home, and John was finally asleep, Kendall opened his bag, and pulled out 6, golf ball sized objects, with different colours and patterns. Pressing the buttons on each of them, they inflated to the size of an orange, then burst open. Light filled his room for a few seconds and in his place stood six creatures. Six Pokemon. Aggron, Blaziken, Flygon, Luxray, Swampert and Umbreon.
They all started making noise, each with their own respective cry.
“Guys, please try and be quiet. Dad is asleep. I will explain everything.” Kendall said. The six Pokemon soon became silent, and John continued to snore from the other room.
“Remember when I told you I wasn’t from your world…” Kendall began telling the Pokemon…

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