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Default Mewtwo Invasion- Claim Here!

(Charmander, you make amazing banners)

Alrighty guys, we've had Keldeo and Meloetta come in and invade PE2K. Now it's time to add someone else to the invasion family- Mewtwo!
All the claiming stuff is the same as Keldeo and Meloetta; post a link to your submissions, wait, and either Judge Dredd or I will give you a Mewtwo!
Remember to make sure you participate in the entire event (example: one post in the role play won't get you a Mewtwo).

The event will begin February __ and end on February _.
The actual distribution of the Mewtwo will be held toward the end of the contests.
As listed above, Judge Dredd and I will be distributing the Mewtwo.
If you have any questions about the Mewtwo, just send one of us a message.

Links to Contests


Link to Submission:
In-Game Name:
Friend Code:
Time Zone:

Example of Properly Filled Form

Link to Submission:
In-Game Name: Pokemon Trainer
Friend Code: 5830-8462-9462
Time Zone: GMT -4

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