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Default Mewtwo Invasion: Last Banner Standing !

~Banner by Charmander !
Mewtwo Invasion: Banner Contest
(Entry period begins February 1st and ends February 15th at 11:59PM GMT-5/Central Time Zone)

The theme for the invasion banner contest is simple! Its Mewtwo in all its genetic glory. Everyone who enters will earn the right claim one form the trade shop. Simple follow the link and post the information needed !

  • This is a banner contest: create a banner using the theme posted above and post it here.
  • You are given a two weeks to submit the banner. You may edit your submission at any time before the deadline. You may only enter one banner.
  • Once the deadline is reached, the banners will be put in a poll, and the members of PE2K will vote for the banner they like.
  • The banner can be any size within a reasonable limit, but you must follow the theme given, or the banner will not be entered into the contest (If we cannot see how the topic applies, you will be given the chance to explain yourself).
  • Please follow all the forum rules, or you will be disqualified and/or warned.
  • If you have a banner only with stock images, then post all the links to the images.
  • Do not use pre-made banners.
Deadline: February 15th

Mewtwo Claim
To claim your Mewtwo Click here and fill out the form.

*thanks to the banner of the week people for the easy format to use !"

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