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Default Re: Legion of Dredd (Welcoming Battlers and Traders!) Free Pokemon to new members !

Originally Posted by acrilycz View Post
lool sorry i really don't notice when that happens lol, and yeah i'm pretty sure i saw a mankey in there! if there isnt one though i'd honestly take anything that will help me get through the badges faster...I dont have much love for most of the unova pokemon haha

I gave you the wrong link,....let me find the right one.
Originally Posted by megamonk4 View Post
Editting stat boosts(and drops) requires me to change the damage formula, just like the hi crit ratio(the very reason why I haven't all non-crit moves to 0%). I can't find the data to edit this yet anyways(this is more than likely where I would find other data such as ability effects, and effects of weather).

If I can find it, I would like to normalize weather boosts(and to have Hail feel just as strong as the others).

There's still quite a bit to go, haha. I went back to the drawing board about buffing pokemon stats and overall starting from the bottom up.

And here's the pokemon type changes. Most of them are final. a few I am stilling thinking about.

If you have a question about about type changes let me know and I'll explain. I'll be posting up some pokemon overall changes soon afterwards.
Glalie is the only one that seems off..I always that Luxray should have been dark and electric

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