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Liberian Beth

Beth led you through the library to a small room. In the room you looked around there were drawings of shiny pokemon on the wall.
"This is are room devoted to shinies. Shiny pokemon are the same as every other, the books in here describe skin conditions, birth places, even shiny parents..these are all theories though. The condition that changes there color is just chance..This room is a collection of fan work. People really do love shinies and any info you could possible need would be in here."

Beth nods walking out of the room. As she goes she looks back.
"The best way to find out about shinies would be from a shiny tracker. They have one in Zenith Town."
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Vege thanked Beth and started looking at the fan arts. They were amazing. He looked at the shelf and took out a big book. He read it for whole hour and then thought of leaving this place and going to route 1

Leaving Andromeda Town and goping to Route 1
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