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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Girius (KO) Belt (KO) Natasha (KO) Unreality (KO) Bloodwraith (???) Unown M (Haywire) Monarch (Shadow, Stolen, KO)

*Realizing what Yellow is asking him to do* Oh no no no, NO, NOT Seth, any one of them but Seth... I wouldn't tolerate that even if he was a Tyrant and praising OUR faction, he's such a prideful...*Remembering he had a few favors to cash in with Yellow, and feeling the ruin start to shake*...Ugh...You two, help me, I will seriously need it...*Dreading the task, but moving along to Seth*

*At Seth, presumably with Yellow and Spin backing him. Also loud enough for the other Chromies to hear, to attract the help of the reasoning of others.*...OK, Let's be rational here and compromise. You and your mates want your Pokémon back, me and my mates want our buddy back, and I think we'll both need as much help as possible to take on Mr. N-Man over there. Time is short, I highly doubt whatever he's doing will benefit us, and I honestly think that this guy will not give a d**m over our alliances. He's technically correct on one font: The clan friction going on is currently quite petty in comparison to whatever he's doing...I'm not supporting his *In a heavily sarcastic tone* "one true human nature is death" thing, but I really think that he's going to merrily kill us all if we don't cooperate. We need to do whatever we can. Think you're willing to help?
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