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Originally Posted by Kaoru View Post

Trainer: Minako
Currently: Wild Doduo

"Wild Doduo, huh? Ishiyama, come on out!" Minako said, throwing her Boldore's Poke Ball out. "Use Stone Edge!"

Ishiyama used Stone Edge on Doduo, doing enough damage to knock it out.

Wild Doduo fainted.

"Come on back, Ishiyama." Ishiyama went back inside her Poke Ball.
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With the poor Dodou out cold a woman comes running up. She seems to be a little off but concerned. Did you guys feel that earthquake ??"
She looks around for a moment.
"Dang, look at the branches on Route 5.." She pauses.
"Do you know how I can get to uh, Route 6 ? I seem to have gotten mixed up."

Do you help her out ?

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