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Default New Double Battle Team (No set tier)

Here's an idea for a new double battle team I came up with:

Huntail @ Leftovers
Ability: Swift Swim
Role: Shell Smash Passer
Shell Smash
Iron Defense
Baton Pass
Aqua Tail

Amoonguss @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Effect Spore
Role: Rage Powder Annoyer/Tanker
Rage Powder

Scrafty @ Fighting Gem
Ability: Intimidate
Role: Sub Puncher
Fake Out
Focus Punch
Drain Punch

Ursaring @ Flame Orb
Ability: Guts
Role: Physical Sweeper
Low Kick/Close Combat
Night Slash/Crunch
Fire Punch

I'd lead with Gorebyss and Amoonguss. Amoonguss's job is to Rage Powder while Gorebyss sets up Shell Smash and maybe Iron Defense after. Then I'd Baton Pass into either Ursaring or Scrafty. If I did Ursaring, I'd activate Flame Orb then use one of my Guts & Shell Smash boosted moves to just decimate. If I did Scrafty, I'd Fake Out someone, then put in a Sub while Amoonguss uses Rage Powder. Then, I'd Focus Punch my way to victory.

I only have 4 so far, so could you guys suggest a couple more PKMN or edit the PKMN I already have? Thanks.
I'm out...

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