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Default [Contest] Mewtwo Invasion: Dominion

Mewtwo Invasion: Dominion
(Entry period begins February 1st and ends February 15th at 11:59PM GMT-5/Central Time Zone)

In every life, in every world, in every time, in every heart, there lurks ambition. Ambition, defined by many dictionaries, is "an earnest desire for some type of achievement or distinction, as power, honor, fame, or wealth, and the willingness to strive for its attainment". Without it, nothing would get accomplished, the world would languish with no new discoveries, and civilization would crumble into chaos. But what if one has too much ambition? It is often deemed as being dangerous to have too much, a seed that will sprout into dark desires as the one growing it will do whatever they can to achieve what they desire. Usually, a hero rises up to confront the "villain" - although sometimes it's quite literally just someone who has become misguided and needs to get it drilled into their head - and wins, stopping any collapse from happening or evil to rule.

But what if the "villain", the one filled with such high ambition, succeeded?

That, my dears, is up to you to decide. For you to write and show to me. What if Mewtwo, in his plot to effectively take over the world - recall the movie "Mewtwo Strikes Back" - worked? I want you, the authors - both experts and beginners - to paint me a world on what you would think would happen after that. Include detail, go crazy. It's your world, but it's up to you to show me.


Write a story about Mewtwo, and if he had succeeded in taking over the world, essentially after the movie "Mewtwo Strikes Back". Show me what's happening, but feel free to expand beyond that. You could include how, a little side character, romantic interest, heck, anything. It's your story, but just remember it must include what's going on after he succeeded.

If you just put the movie and "he wins" at the end, frankly, you aren't going to win. I'm looking for your ideas, not a written script!

(Aside from the standard forum rules)

1.) Entries must be at least 500 words in a program such as Microsoft Word or Open Office. However, please bear in mind this is only the minimum, and I highly encourage you to surpass this as much as possible. Longer stories let you tell more, after all! Please include a word count. It's not hard, as both Word and OpenOffice keep count of it :3

2.) Please, try to keep things PG-13. If you absolutely must unleash your inner gore demon or channel the rage of a trucker, please alert me and also put a rather large warning to readers. If possible, hide the offending parts. Absolutely nothing related to acts of sex, however. I don't know why there would be anything related to that in a story like this, but I have to cover this.

3.) Absolutely, positively, NO PLAGIARISM. Plagiarism is the act of taking another author's work without their permission, or taking it and editing it to try and make it "yours". IT IS THEFT. If you are found to have plagiarized, you are subject to an immediate permanent ban from this forum. Don't do it.

4.) Post your entries here, or, if it's too long for one post, post a link to your entry here. The entry must be on Pe2k, however. I'd appreciate it if you made the link neat and pretty, but it's not necessary.

5.) Have fun! While this is a competition, one of the most important rules is to enjoy participating in it. If you don't, it sort of defeats the purpose, eh?


This event starts February 1st, but the ending point is February 15th, 11:59:59 PM. At that time, I will close the thread to new entries and proceed to read all the stories, give feedback, and pick winners. Everyone participating will get a Mewtwo, but the first, second, and third place winners will receive a trophy. Try your best, and no matter what, you will learn and grow as an author from this. Feedback is designed to help, after all!


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