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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

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(Shadow Pokemon Get a +10 )

Seth watched the group come over. He looked at Markus with disgust, but a nudge from Alyssa made it clear that she should hear them out. Seth listened focusing on the part where Markus said

"I think we'll both need as much help as possible to take on Mr. N-Man over there. Time is short, I highly doubt whatever he's doing will benefit us, and I honestly think that this guy will not give a d**m over our alliances."

Seth didnt want to agree but he had to. To make things work the new guy was now butting. Seth turned to him with a growl.
"Lets just relax shall we ! First off, I hate the idea of helping you jokers out..I hate the face that this boozo is agreeing with you..but you are right. Our pokemon are now trapped in there two."

Seth looked at Alyssa
"Thanks for the words of encouragement. Everyone get back."

Yellow walked up to him. She put her hand on his arm.
"This machine was made by sages with the best you use it is another matter. Those pokemon are in pain though!"

Yellow backed off. Joining Spin who stayed slinet.

Seth lifted his arm backing everyone off. He pressed the buttons he had last time releasing a white string of lights that seem to bounce everywhere in the room. The lights hit, Spin, Yellow and Lee who felt their powers getting a boost. When he hit the Unowns, they each started to slow down a little but then quickly went back to floating in a circle. Seth paused for a moment.
"the Device isnt strong enough...we need some way to influence them..."

Yellow felt her powers back.
"Well I can help..Maybe spin can help too."

Spin looked at the group uneasy. She did feel the boost of her powers and knew she had to do it.
"I can use my empathy..along with your device and we can help influence all of them. We are going to need a way to move them though.."

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