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Things didnt go very well on Route 3. As you walk along you notice something in the grass.

Lu1z found 5 stars

Once you pick it up, a little smile runs over your face. Now it was time see if you couldnt get Nincada adjusted to you and the others. Maybe going out to play would help ??
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''Mhm? What's that shiny thing?'' As I looked closely I found out that someone had dropped 5 stars, maybe our luck would change soon. Then, an idea came to my mind to better adapt Nincada with the group. I waited for everyone to finish their food and then revealed my plan to them.

''Okay, how about if we play a little game.'' I grabbed a rock big enough so that everyone could bounce it with their feet, paws, claws, fin, etc. and then proceed to explain the game. ''Let's try to keep the rock in the air, whoever lets it fall loses.''

I told them to make a circle and we managed to one even though we didn't have too much space, especially with Rick's size. Whoever Nincada crossed her arms and wanted to stay in her place. ''Hey Aril, don't be like that. It will be fun I promise.'' But Aril didn't move a bit and even turn her back on us.

So we started playing and everyone was having fun except for Aril, who slowly began to get curious about what we were doing. Few minutes passed before Aril came to play and just hit the rock whenever she wanted.

We kept playing some more time.
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