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Default Re: Journey from the Valley Discussion and SU

Okay guys, I have news. Basically I am doing my final year of school this year, and it is a priority that I do well. I am deleting facebook, and cutting down in RPs to the bare minimum. I still want to be involved in this, but I know I cannot post often and will slow everyone down if I remain in a group. So I haz an idea. Cobalt cannot control his psychic attack. It blows up in his face. I am thinking that he has nightmares from the attack. When he is having one, he accidentally uses Psychic in his sleep and almost hurts another pokemon. He decided that he is too unstable to travel with a group, and leaves.

I will still post, but not as often. it is just so my school work doesn't suffer because I am trying to keep active in the RP. I am killing off my characters in other RPs, but will try and post in this one every so often. If I leave the group, I can still play the RP, but not slow everyone else down in the process.

If the RP is still alive when I finish school (December) I will rejoin the group.

Sorry for any inconveniences.

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