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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (SU/Discussion)

Okay guys I have news. In just over two weeks, I start school again for my final year. It is crucial that my marks improve if I want to get into a good Uni course, and get a good job when I finish. So I am eliminating a lot of possible distractions from school work. I am deleting facebook, and leaving permanently or temporarily, alot of RPs. What I am getting at is before I start school, Isaac will be dead, and James, well I don't know what is happening with James. I still want to be involved but I cannot be anywhere near as active. If I can stay involved in this, he will be travelling alone, so he cannot slow everyone else down with my lack of activity. I will try and post when I can, but school takes priority. Anyway, I am giving permission for Slenderman to kill off Isaac, however he sees fit. James on the other hand, I am still deciding his fate...

EDIT: drago and I have been talking. How would you guys feel about James' proxy mindset taking over, and having him turn on Isaac and kill him. The rest of the group dont know he is a proxy. They just think he is insane or something. Secily stabs him in the stomach, but Slenderman shows up and they run. They assume James was killed, either by the stab wound or Slenderman. Since Slenderman still had a use for James, he took him somewhere, where he lay unconcious for a long time (when I cannot post) and slowly but steadily heals>

This is a very rough idea, but this way we can kill off Isaac, and still have James involved in the RP without my marks suffering.

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