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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post

Trainer: Zayna
Team: [Missing]
Currently: Being added to a collection? I DON'T EVEN D:

(Is it is dark--I can't see a thing down here... ;D)

Yep, what did I say about there being a trap? Guess I shouldn't just barge into houses like that. (Wait, but isn't this Pokemon?)

"Let me out of here, you freak!" I spat at the darkness, my heart pounding. I was terrified. My fight or flight reflexes were ready to kick in at any moment, seeming to favor the former rather than the latter.

I tried to see into the darkness, but my eyes wouldn't adjust. Giving up, I resulted to demanding, "Who do you think you are?"

Official's Post

Your voice seem to get sucked into the darkness..As you tried to find your way around you stopped when you felt a flat cold surface. What could be on the other end of this >? was it a door of some kind ?? After a minute or two you finally got a response.

"Who do I think I am, well I have been given the title Mr. Glass." As she says that the lights flash on. At first Zayna falls back trying to cover her eyes. When they start to adjust she notices a horrible site. The wall is lined with glass cases inside the cases are girls just like herself. She gasps in terror as she sees a glass case with her name on it.

"Beautiful arent they, Like little dolls frozen in time.."

She pauses as she sees something odd across the room. It looks like there is Munna in one of the glass cases

Everything you feared is in this room what you do next determines your fate! Be careful ! oh and Write a paragraph about saving the Munna and trying to get out of this mess!"

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