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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Yepyep, South Cali is most certainly weather-less. I was there and never saw c aloud. For two weeks.

I walked about 3+ hours from my friends house around the town. Apparently there's a curfew here. Police never got us, but yeaaah.

I walked for two hours one with my cousin trying to walk to Walmart and a cop picked us up. I hate cops. They suck. Seriously.
It was cold earlier this week--dipped into the low 30s on Tuesday morning--but yesterday was a nice, warm day. :3

Yeah; the curfew here is 10 PM if you're a minor; if you're 18, it doesn't apply to you. When I walk around after curfew, I just stay of main streets and it's all fine. :P
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