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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post

Lighthouse Man

He paused for a moment. Turning around to respond to you.
"This lighthouse has a lot of history ! You would be surprised the things that have happened here. The historian that runs this museums is out of town right now. The Flower Festival in Navi Town has most of the town busy."

The man picks back up his camera heading towards the stairs.
"Maybe you should head out to the Flower Festival."
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The man mentions that the Lighthouse is actually a museum, and I take another look around, noticing that he was right. He mentions a Flower Festival in Navi Town, and I think carefully. It would be a great place to meet some new people and, potentially, get a battle out of it. Just as this thought came to mind, the man said,

"Maybe you should head out to the Flower Festival?" I stand there, arms crossed, in deep thought. I smiled and nodded - the man had a point.

"Thank you sir, you've given me that little push I need to begin my journey," I explain, standing there for but a moment more. I thank him again and then rush out of the building and onto my way towards the path.

Entering Route 1

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