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Trainer: Paul
Party: Sentret
Currently: Battling some fool who thinks Rattata is better than Sentret (a.k.a Felix)

Paul sent out his Sentret while Felix sent out his Rattata. Felix felt like he should get the first hit in with his Rattata because, so he ordered his Rattata to use Quick Attack. Rattata dashed towards Sentret at near invisible speeds. Sentret attempted to dodge, but the attacks was too quick. Rattata rammed into Sentret, removing a chunk of Sentret's HP. Sentret decided to retaliate with a Slash attack. Sentret's claws extended and he swung them at the Rattata, dealing some solid damage. Rattata looked at the cut he had. It stung, but pain would have to wait for later. He had to prove who was the better Pokemon now.

Felix knew Rattata was faster than Sentret, so he decided a Quick Attack wasn't necessary this time around. He ordered Rattata to use Hyper Fang. Rattata's fangs began to glow slightly as they were charged with energy. he ran towards Sentret, ready to take a big bite out of the round ugly thing. But, Sentret was ready. He used Sucker Punch and as Rattata leapt at Sentret he slid under the rat Pokemon and punched him it right in the kidneys. Rattata let out a yelp of pain. Rattata landed and quickly turned around. He leapt again at Sentret and managed to bite his foot with Hyper Fang. Snetret lost another portion of his health. Things were heating up.

Rattata didn't want to get hit by another Sucker Punch, so he decided to use Quick Attack. Once again Rattata dashed at Sentret with near invisible speeds. He rammed into Sentret and left him with a mere 11 HP. Felix wasn't worried that Sentret survived. His Rattata could take another Slash and retaliate next round with a Quick Attack and there would be nothing Sentret could do about it. But little did Felix and his Rattata know, Paul had a trick up his sleeve. Sentret showed Rattata his trump card, the move Reversal. Sentret took all the pain that had been dealt to him and sent back at Rattata in one punch. The Super Effective Fighting Move was enough to knock out the little Rattata. Felix's jaw dropped as he saw Rattata slump to the ground. Paul and Sentret had won the battle! Paul gave his Sentret a high five and a fist bump.
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