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Default Re: Legion of Dredd (Welcoming Battlers and Traders!) Free Pokemon to new members !

Just some balance changes so far....

Audino - Regenerator/???
BST 445 - 505

Banette - Insomnia/Cursed Body/FRISK
BST 455 - 505
expand movepool

Basculin/Basculin-R (abilities are the same as original)
BST 460 - 500
Expand Movepool

Bastiodon - Solid Rock/Sturdy
BST 495 - 555

Beartic - Swift Swim/???
BST 485 - 525
expand movepool

Beautifly - Swarm/Serene Grace
BST 385 - 485
expand movepool

Beedrill - Swarm/Sniper
BST 385 - 485
more high crit moves, expand movepool

Beheeyem - Analytic/Synchronize
BST 485 - 525
expand physical movepool

Bellossom Chlorophyll/Poison Heal
BST 480 - 500
expand movepool?(gloom can now learn quiver dance)

Bibarel Simple/Unaware
BST 410 - 490

Butterfree - Compoundeyes/Tinted Lens
BST 385 - 485
expand movepool

Dustox Shield Dust/Magic Bounce
BST 385 - 485
can now learn night shade
Audino buffs to attack and special attack allows it to hurt a bit while supporting the team. can now be a bit unpredictable with sets.(still need to think of 2nd ability for it).

Banette is now a frail mixed sweeper. Although it doesn't have quite the punch or speed of gengar, it can damage physical or special walls.

Basculin can now be played as a jack of all trades pokemon with an overall edge with it's ability adaptability.

Bastiodon's higher Hp allows it to take more hits especially with it's new ability solid rock. Minor buffs in attack allows it to possibly run a curse set or to at least deal damage back to other mons while it soaks up damage.

Beartic buffs gives it more bulk to take a few hits despite its slow speed. It comes in and is able to break walls and setup.

Beautifly with it's high SpA stat and ability Serene Grace allows it to be a monster. Once it get started with SpD drops from Bug Buzz, Energy Ball, and crazy flinch chances with Air Slash, it'll be hard to stop it.

Beedrill is also no joke with its stat buffs and improved movepool to take advantage of it's ability Sniper.

Beheeyem is a bulky mixed attacker. It should be seen different from other psychic types.

Bellossom will be a great support pokemon now that it doesn't need to worry about poison damage with its new ability Poison Heal and improved Hp. I'm still putting into question if it should have an expanded movepool, but it will learn Quiver Dance.

Bibarel really needed to set itself apart from the rest of the starter wild rodent/mammal pokemon. So I gave it buffs that would set it as a tank instead of a sweeper. buffs in SpA allows it to use it's movepool from both spectrums.

Butterfree at first seems really similar to Beautifly, but what sets it apart is the speed difference and movepool to also be a great support/lead pokemon. Butterfree also performs differently from Beautifly as a sweeper due to its ability Tinted Lens. Tinted Lens gives Butterfree a more immediate effect of power compared to Beautifly's Serene Grace(you'll have to wait for the SpD drops to kick in).

Dustox as a wall really improved now that its stats were improved. Learning Night Shade helps give it damage when it needs to dish something out instead of support.

I was also going to put up Braviary, but I'm still thinking about changes I should do to it.
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