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Default Mew and Mewtwo invasion is upon us.

The television flashes with images of blood and smoke and fire.

The dense jungle surrounding the live reporter seems to be falling all around and he signals to the camera to stop filming.

A crumbled building in the distance is alive, spitting flame and burning paper in all possible directions. Loud BOOMS echo around as the camera is dropped and you can hear panicked footsteps running, getting quieter and quieter as they flee into the distance.

The screen goes black for a few seconds, then the scene reappears. Everything you see is now at an uncomfortable angle, a large black line symbolizes a crack in the camcorder's lens.

Within the floating debris and dust, a dark shape makes itself apparent. The tall, human-like figure stands within the cloud, speaking in an intimidating, slightly robotic voice:

“Humans have tried to command things not within their control for too long. This needs to end, and I'll spend my last breath defending those unable to defend themselves.”


Over the next few weeks, there are a string of devastating natural disasters. You find yourself sitting at a large, official-looking desk with a young blonde girl. Her hair is messy and many papers are scattered in front of her. She clearly hasn't slept in days. Her pubescent, lispy voice says to you, “I need your help. It's escaped and no one else can help us defeat it...” Her voice drifts off as she stares blankly into a pile of newspaper clippings and burnt journal entries.

You stand for a second, in silence, then whisper, “What has?”

A single tear of terror escapes her eye as she lifts her head, looking dead into yours, “Mewtwo.”

Just then, a small, brown-haired girl with mousy glasses enters the room, holding several dusty books within her arms. She gently set them down on the table and pushed up her glasses, then looked to you, “That’s exactly why we've called you here; we need help returning Mewtwo to his peaceful state within the Laboratory on Faraway Island.” Katie reached over and picked up a small, aged piece of paper from the table, reading it aloud slowly:

“If any human sets foot here again, let it be a kindhearted person. It is with that hope that I leave this island...”

“That was written many years ago by a kind man, Mr. Fuji. Mr. Fuji’s research team discovered a powerful yet very docile Pokemon on the island, which he named Mew. But soon Mew gave birth. Mewtwo grew too powerful too quickly, deemed his existence an unnatural fabrication of science...” Jenn paused, wiping sweat from her forehead.

Katie spoke now, “Mr. Fuji left the island after writing that journal entry, then returned to his home on Cinnabar island. Vengeful, Mewtwo followed him and destroyed his mansion home, along with most of Cinnabar island. Mewtwo’s anger has been put to rest once before, but someone cruel must have returned to the island and infuriated Mewtwo.

“We need you to travel to Faraway Island, attracting Mewtwo, and then console him. Hopefully then, he’ll peacefully remain on the island with Mew where he belongs.” She said this last line softly and sympathetically, looking at the ground.

You thought for a moment, then smiled with confidence, “I know I can do this!”

The two girls smiled in unison, then Jenn stood, “Thank you! Mewtwo is a powerful adversary. Ideally, you won’t have to battle him, but if it does come to that, we recommend that you only bring Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type Pokemon that aren’t weak to Psychic-type attacks.”


Next thing you know, you find yourself on a large airplane. Nothing but ocean under you. Nothing but ocean in front of you. Nothing but ocean behind you. Your stomach begins to churn as a charming boy sits across from you. A smoothie in one hand, notebook overflowing with papers in another, he smiles towards you. You cross your legs awkwardly and stare out the window, trying to ignore the ache in your stomach.

The boy leans forward, suddenly looking quite serious, “You obviously know why you’re here. Mewtwo is simply trying to protect his fellow Pokemon, but doesn’t know to effectively do this without destroying every opposing force in its path. He simply wanted to live alone on the island in solitude...” his voice trailed off, “Anyway, I’m Kyle. Katie, Jenn, and I are discovering more and more information regarding the laboratory explosion that happened earlier this month. Mewtwo doesn't feel he has any options remaining... In his eyes, he’s sat on the sidelines and let cruelty dominate Pokemon for far too long.”
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