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Default Re: New Trainers Association - Open

Originally Posted by JVillzz View Post
Name: John
Timezone and time I'm free: Eastern(US) and All weekend pretty much and also during the weekdays I am usually free from 9-11 Eastern time
Tier I wish to learn : 5th Gen OU
Experince Level (have battled before) : I used to battle competitively about 3 years ago in 4th Gen OU. I haven't played pokemon competitively for about the whole 3 years and the metagame has changed so much and I just need someone to teach me the new metagame. I need to know the basic sets for threats, pokemon that work well together, and really just someone to mentor me in 5th Gen OU because I want to start battling competitively again.
About Me: I am Filipino and I play basketball and tennis. I have been a pokemon fan ever since I was little and will continue to be one. I can't wait for Pokemon X and Y! I spend most of my time either hanging out with my friends, playing sports, or playing Xbox. I mostly play sports games such as Madden, FIFA, and NBA 2k. I also play some Call of Duty.
Wifi/PO: FC: 1808 1310 3319. I don't have PO, but my Showdown is xJVillzz

Welcome ! having previous experience will really help out with getting started again. The first thing we like to do is have people pick pokemon they like to use. What are some of the pokemon you use to use on your teams?

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