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Default Re: New Trainers Association - Open

Alakzam like thing's that really punch hole ya know? I mean despite all that attack he is technically weaker than latios and keldeo because they have these base 140 and 120 moves they like to spam about. Alakazam is a cleaner, he coems in and cleans up the mess another pokemon makes, he is fast, real fast, secodn only to jolteon in the ou tier. Thsi means thing's like keldeo, terrkion, latios, kyurem-b, are all subject to being outsped and killed by alakzam and int he case of the latter 2 they need to be weakened first.

So for alakzam we need a real bruiser, soemthing that just comes in and ou leaving a huge mess behind and for that reason i feel i must mention a few pokemon.

come out our new ou star kyurem b

stats of the gods this guy has, but his unfortunate typing leaves him open to priority and fierce threats such as keldeo and terrkion both laugh at him, but here is the thing nothing can switch into him with out serious injury an dbehind a sub he cna sue his huge bulk to kill then mane anything that comes in. Seriously this guy hits like an a bom and even harder than deoyxs d if your using outrage. With alakzam you have a train wreck and a demolition crew, kyurem coems in and causes a disater and alakzam comes in to clean it up.

The only issue si they share a lot of problems such as scizor, tyranitar, breloom so they need a bit of helping hand, focus sash helps alakazam hereas it gives him a chance to ko a counter for kyurem he may not be able to with life orb such as breloom and scizor.

This si hyper offensive in a way, just hreading the opponents tam to pieces and then clenaing up the mess and any dragon can help alakzam do it but some are better than others and keldeo, terrkion, magenzone and heatran all aid to this cause.
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