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Default Re: Digital l Urban | Spirtomb



[Mrs Thousand Spirits] Spiritomb
Ability: Pressure
Health: 88
Energy: 82
-2 DEF. Paralyzed (-6 SPD).

[-] Glaceon
Ability: Snow Cloak
Health: 100
Energy: 100

The mass of spirits wanted to start things off as quickly as she could, summoning up a large, massive sphere of ghostly energy before his face. Once the orb reached a perfect size, she lobbed his face forward, sending the mass veering straight into the Glaceon, of who she didn't notice was sitting there, unusually smug.

[Shadow Ball; Spiritomb: -6 Energy | Glaceon: -10 Health]

The icy fox was as clever as he was cold, fir his opponent didn't take into account that the speedier one was the one to move more slowly. The blue body began to glow with a thin, purple aura as the Shadow Ball hit, striking the Glaceon rather hard, but not with such a force as his opponent was going to recieve. Mrs. Thousand Spirits did not expect the force of her own attack to come back at him two fold; paralysis was hard enough, now she had a significant sting to worry about too.

[Mirror Coat; Glaceon: -15 Energy | Spiritomb: -20 Health]

The Glaceon wasn't finished, and decided to add insult to injury. His two ears shifted just a bit, and a frigid blast of cold struck the Spiritomb before she could recover from the last attack. She shuddered and tried to huddle more inside her stone, feeling even more cumbersome and sluggish.

[Icy Wind; Glaceon: -4 Energy | Spiritomb: -8 Health. -1 SPD.]

Mrs. Thousand Spirits wanted to get the little blue bugger back, but she was confused on how to do it. Thunder Wave? What exactly was that? Was she supposed to wave herself around amd stomp her stone and make a cracking sound? She thought long and hard about what exactly it was. Maybe a bit too hard... oh well at least the paralysis wore off.

[Doesn't know move]
[Thunder Wave; Spiritomb: -4 Energy.]


[Mrs Thousand Spirits] Spiritomb
Ability: Pressure
Health: 60
Energy: 72
-2 DEF. -1 SPD

[-] Glaceon
Ability: Snow Cloak
Health: 90
Energy: 71


1- Action.
2- Flee.
3- End.

You have 13 Safari Points left.