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Default Re: Route 1

Trainer: Hiiro Tatsuya
Currently: Route 1
Sidequest: Stacy's Bet

Hiiro's logic seemed pretty sound, but in the land of pokemon not everything always goes the way you plan. As the team arrived on Route 1, they were surprised to find an empty route. Where were all the pokemon at?

Stacy chased after Hiiro, arrive a couple of seconds after.

"So it looks like are challenge is set on hard mode. Only I have the advantage as I can move things around with my mind."

Stacy kinda gloated about it.

"This girl kinda ticks me off, but that's what I want. A bit of a challenge. To get my mind and body running. She thinks reading people's mind is the one way to reach the peak? She's wrong. I will prove it to her!" Hiiro taught to himself as he turned around to Zorua.

Zorua ran across to Hiiro, keeping in mind that Stacy is around. She is a Psychic afterall, and whatever these duo planned could be read easily, or so she thought.

Hiiro and Zorua seemed to be a deep discussion, and Stacy couldn't make out any sentences, what they were both thinking and were planning to do. Things didn't make sense, and Stacy began to wonder if her powers were flawed. Until she took a deep look into Zorua, and released it was a pure Dark Type. Maybe it was trying to block off her telepathy powers with its own? It was after all, a mysterious Pokemon.

Minutes later, Zorua turned around, towards a patch of grass. It's ears twitched a bit, and without hesitating a minute more, it ran into the bushes. Stacy and Hiiro were off guard, but they thought they might have an extra 3rd party out there somewhere.

"Looks like Zorua found something. Stand on your guard, Tracy!" Hiiro smirked.


A thick fluttery sound of wings could be heard, as the team turned around, they found a Pidgey(?) flying out of the bush Zorua headed in earlier, and flew towards the opposite direction, towards Andromeda Town. Zorua was nowhere to be seen.

"Stacey, put aside the challenge for now, and follow that Pidgey! It might be a clue why there are no Pokemon in Route 1 at the moment. I have to follow Zorua, it might have left behind traces only I, its trainer would be fully aware about. No point wasting time here anymore! Divide and Conquer!" Hiiro told Stacey, as he ran towards the direction Zorua left...


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