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Default Re: New Trainers Association - Open

Originally Posted by Master Aqua View Post
An intresting point because even tangrowth is no match for rain sweepers such ass rotom-w, kingdra can potentially set up on rotom thanks to sub and 4x resistance to hydro pump and nothing will like taking a hit from the frail but powerful thunderous. At least tangrowrth would give the team more physical bulk and a way to deal with terrakion and jellificent.

i suggest trial and error

test out the following in the place of celebi


and see how it turns out.
I really like Tangrowth, JVillzz I would think that would be first on the list of pokemon you check. Its really important that you test it out though. If you like Celebii see how it fairs and then throw in Tangrowth and see how it does. I know Celebii has a movepool, but I have battled the annoying Tangrowth in the

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