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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Fishing Guru

After wondering around for a good while, I finally stumbled upon the kiosk.

"Welcome! Would you like to buy an SS Ticket?" The nice lady asked me.

"Yes! How much? And what time will the next ship bringing passengers from Aurora come?" I smiled.

"Oh, the tickets are one way. Also, it's 30 stars!" She was ready to take the stars.

"...Eep. I seem to be sufficient in funds. And I was hoping to come back..." I frowned.

"Oh that's alright dear! It's no problem. Come back anytime!" She waved.

After going to the PC, I take Phos, Chinchou, out of his ball. We then meet up with the Fishing Guru.

"I see ya caught a Chinchou with that Good Rod of yers. Formidable catch, youngin'. Is it in a Lure Ball?" He looks at me.

"Yep! Just caught it earlier! Here it is..." I take out the Lure Ball and flash it around.

"By gosh! That is a Lure Ball! Alright then, you know what this means don't cha!?" He smiled.
Official's Post

Fishing Guru

The Fishing Guru approaches. "So have you had any luck yet?" He asks, smiling.

You nod, showing him the Lure Ball.

"Well! Open it up, let's see what you got!"

Your new Chinchou appears in a flash of red. It flaps about on the shore unimpressively. But something seems to be coming over the Fishing Guru. Stars shine in his eyes as he looks at the little water Pokemon.

"Wow, it's lovely!" he says happily. "And that Lure ball just complements its colours so. I... I must have it! In exchange, I will offer you a Super Rod."

Trade your Chinchou for a Super Rod?
WARNING: This is a permanent trade.
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