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As I said “I would like to pass here too!” I wanted to move on and find some Pokemon I actually would love to capture. I really fancied a Croagunk, Ponyta, Oddish, and Kangaskhan. I prefer mostly the Kanto Region Pokemon. However, it is luck of the draw here and within the Pokemon world. Gaius looked surprised that I wanted to move on from a Magnemite. However, I knew what I wanted, and what I was doing. I already have a powerful Magnezone within my large roster of Pokemon. I loved Magnezone so much, it is a wonderful Pokemon. It used to always love sparking my Jolteon though to charge each other.

Gaius seemed to be interested within the Magnemite. I could tell by his look in his eye. It showed her loved powerful Pokemon. Magnezone is definitely a powerful Electric and Steel Pokemon! Magnemite levitated further towards us; therefore I passed over some of my valuable Pokedollars in exchange for some freedom. Magnemite soon zapped away and we continued on with our National Park Special Journey!

“This is taking some time,” I said to Gaius. “Nine whole minutes and no Pokemon!” Suddenly, as another minute ticked by. I noticed a flying, bug creature hover towards us. Gaius turned to me and awaited a response from me. I was not sure what Pokemon it was until got a whole lot closer. I watched carefully as it hovered around in a circle. It was… a YANMA. That Bug Pokemon was a really fast one with its Special Ability of Speed Boost. Only Ninjask and Blaziken could have that ability. However, the Blaziken Pokemon has to have their dreams unlocked to use such a powerful ability. The common denominator is that all these Pokemon learn Baton Pass. Yanmega is also a pretty powerful Pokemon as well. I lost to one in Mossdeep Gym once because sleep haxed me with Hypnosis after one Protect.

“I have decided Gaius I will go for this one!” I said, and shouted with hope. “Yanma let’s battle!” The large red dragonfly creature hovered in front of me whilst it flapped its two pairs of wings through the air. It’s tail waggled slightly and was prepared for battle.

“Let’s go,” I shouted, and grabbed a Pokeball. “Cryogonal I choose you!” I tossed the ball quickly, and it bounced onto the ground. I watched as the flash of red light unleashed my icey mirror once more. “Cryogonal,” It said, and levitated. It still appeared weak from the past battle with Farfetch’d. It pierced its sharp eyes at Yanma.

“Alright Cryogonal,” I said and waved. “I would like you to use a combination of moves this time. Firstly, quickly use Icy Wind, and then attack with an Ice Beam.” I did hope my plan worked, this was because Yanma was too fast.

“Cryogonal, aim your Icy Wind at Yanma’s wings, and then blast the Ice Beam at its tail.” I said, and pointed. Cryogonal nodded a little in pain, and was prepared to go all out on the Yanma as well. We could do it because we were a very good team.
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