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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Fishing...

"A bummer it is." I sighed. 'Why not bond with Phos?' I thought to myself. We're stuck here for a while, might as well make it useful!

"Phos, c'mon out!" I threw the ball up.

"Chin...Chouuu!" He happily shouted. He was a youngster. I wasn't sure if he could talk to me or not.

"Can you talk?" I whispered to him, hoping no one would hear.

"You knew we can talk...?!" he asked me.

"Pfft, of course! All of my Pokemon talk! The Pokemon who can use Telepathy use that. Others talk regularly." I smiled.

"Oh...Well Yes, I can talk too!" He smiled.

I had known Pokemon could talk since I was little. Serena's Chikorita would talk to me for hours.

Bonding was getting off to a great start.

The rod hasn't moved for a while, so I baited it again and cast it.
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Once again, Corey was fishing. Why does he insist on fishing with his luck? Anyways, he cast the rod. One jerk, two jerks. He reeled it in and...





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