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Default Re: Satellite Pier

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Fishing...

I had to agree with that one, my luck is terrible...

Phos had fallen asleep, and it wasn't even all that late. The pier's kiosks and seaside shops and stands were lit up, customers plaguing them for their merchandise. I never realized how beautiful the sun set was here, but it was. That must be why all the tourists were here. There wasn't much fishing at night, however. Most people were either packing it in or selling out.

I could see the lights of the Chinchou and Lanturn deep down in the water. I only saw a few brief, dim yellow glows. You'd think they'd hunt at night since the water wasn't dark nor murky. Of course, I had heard it was very very deep. Which brought me to realize people swimming in large pools in the sand created by high tide with Lanturn, their escas emitting brightly.

Nonetheless, I was ready to leave. I've had my share of the sea breeze, which was now slightly nauseating. I had always hated the ocean. Salt water always getting up my nose and mouth, the scary Pokemon that live there, the sand in my shorts, nothing was pleasing. I also hated fishing. I'm NOT the patient type. I'd always hook myself, tangle my line in a tree, or fall in the water and break the rod. At least there was no one around to hook, and I've been doing pretty good this time around. Except, I wasn't catching anything...

I sighed. Still nothing. About everything I pulled in was garbage or seaweed. I was tired from fishing this long. I had more than enough looking for a Chinchou, but realizing I had to catch another Pokemon or leave without the Super Rod...

"Hiya Corey!" A familiar voice shouted.

I almost dropped my Good Rod, and Phos almost fell in the water. I turned behind me to see who this rude, inconsiderate person was. And of course, my instincts were right on the money.

"Serena? What are you doing here?" I sighed. I'm sure that loud shriek scared off all the Pokemon. Serena's oblivious nature caused her to not even realize.

"I heard some rumors that you were here, so I decided to come and see you! Looks like those rumors proved to be true!" She laughed.

"Oh...So how've you be-" She suddenly turned her back to me. I really hope she wasn't being this rude on purpose...

She pulled out a small case, and opened it. "Lookie here! I have all eight badges!" She grinned.

"All EIGHT?!" I cried. I wasn't sure if she was mocking me...

"Yup yup! All of the leaders were really easy to beat too. I was hoping for more of a challenge honestly..." She frowned.

Honestly, I wasn't surprised at the fact she won all eight, or that she assumed them to be easy, but that she waited long enough for the leaders to battle her. Even I didn't have the patience for that. "Well, are you going for the Elite 4?"

"Yes, actually!" She smiled. I was in Andromeda when Professor Cedar told me you had called her and told her you were headed here."

"So, you're going to be flying back soon?" I asked her, slightly disappointed, yet slightly relieved.

"Actually, no! I came to travel with you for a while! Won't it be great?!" She patted my back happily.

I twitched. I was actually very happy to have a human accompany me, but Serena was a bit...annoying. She was so peppy all the time. Still, despite that, I was pretty excited. "Really? That's...Awesome!" I grinned.

"Yay! Glad you think so! So, what are we going to do next?" She eagerly replied.

"Well, I need to catch a Pokemon in a Lure Ball with this here Good Rod." I silently made my way over to the edge of the dock.

"Neat!" She laughed. She then realized she needed to quiet down. "Oh...was I being too loud?"

I snickered and cast my rod in again.


Trainer: Corey Ty & Serena Ty


Currently: Fishing...
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