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Default Curator Wages

So I think these are a few... several... million seconds late, but here they are anyway. I've pretty much given everyone $2,000 for a basic critique, earning more where appropriate. Multiple piece artworks get paid for critiquing both, for now anyway.

CommBA's Diglett: $2,500
Airik's Weedle: $2,000
VeloJello's Magikarp: $2,500
Kanga's Burmy: $2,500
Jesse's Ekans: $2,500

Jesse's Tentacool: $2,500
Hannah's Weedle: $3,500
SLC's Tentacool: $2,500
Morru's Mankey: $2,000
Siless's Lotad: $2,500
Morru's Venipede: $2,500
Morru's Foongus: $5,000

Jesse's Chingling: $4,500
Jesse's Cotonee: $5,000
Morru's Tentacool: $2,500
Besty's Weedle: $2,500
Emma's Stantler: $5,500

Protobabe's Magikarp: $3,500
Zolar's Tentacool: $4,000
FD's Solosis: $8,000
Dark Charizard's Pidgeotto: $8,000

Morru Magnum:
Speed-X's Sewaddle: $4,000
Pokemaster's Paras: $2,000

Black_Cat's Magikarp: $4,000
Morru's Electrike: $7,500

GliscorMan's Roggenrola: $2,000
Dark Charizard's Joltik: $6,000

SLC's Diglett: $2,500

Also, lets try not to forget artwork:
Dark Charizard: Lapras | Petalburg Woods Forum
Breaking New Ground - Pokemon Forum - Pokemon Elite 2000

There's others still waiting, but these have been around a while.
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