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Default Eighth Gym Tournament - Prizes

So ends another Gym Tournament. I hope you all enjoyed it, especially the type-neutral battles! I don't really feel like making this long and flowery, so here goes!

In third place is yours truly, simply because Ebail (or The Miz or whatever) felt like throwing me a bone! YAY! So I'll be claiming a Croagunk, thank you very much.

In second place is our rusty refbot, the URPG legend Ataro! His participation awards him with a cute little Happiny.

Finally, our winner is The EvilDookie, a man known (and feared) throughout the community for his battle skills (I guess). He gets to walk away with the outrageous prize of a Porygon-Z and three TMs of his own specification!

So that's it. Thanks a lot for participating in this time-honoured tradition, everyone. I've put up a thread in the Trainer's Court where you can voice your opinions on how this tourney went.

EDIT: Also, Siless should post in here to claim his $4000 reffing money, **** making an entire thread just for that.
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