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Default Re: Latio-Reol v. narphoenix

Round Three

Socratic Sarcasm

[Solomon] Starmie (X)
Natural Cure
HP: 71%
Energy: 68%
Condition: Feeling a little relieved; Magic Coat
Substitute ~ Surf


[Hammuhyd] Gible (M)
Sand Veil
HP: 75%
Energy: 74%
Condition: Very confused and hurt; Afferent Anticipation

Latio-Nytro began the round by holding up the poke ball that was still in his hand and pointing out at the angry looking Hammuhyd. Red light shot out, enveloping the small dragon-type and dragging it back to its home.To replace him, he sent back out his shiny Lucario, Scyez, who edged forwards, ashamed by her display of cowardice. She resolved that she would make up for it from now on.

Solomon was annoyed that his previous opponent was back and that she now seemed even more determined. He decided that he would need some extra form of protection against whatever she would try and do next. He used his telekinetic powers to move water from the sea onto the battlefield and mould it into a shape that vaguely resembled himself. He then placed a piece of himself inside it, causing it to solidify to a certain extent. The part of him that was placed inside of it also allowed it to move around so that it could protect him from whatever Scyez had up her metaphorical sleeves.

Now that he was well defended, Solomon took the chance to go on the offensive. Using telekinesis once again, he caused a large wave to rise up from the surrounding sea. The wave quickly blotted out the setting sun, leaving the combatants in a strange darkness. Then the wave came crashing down, washing over the battlefield and nearly crushing Scyez. The Lucario quickly scrambled up to her feet, though, and shook the water out of her golden fur - Solomon wasn’t going to get the better of her that easily.

Ideally she’d have liked to have gotten Solomon out of the battle completely, but she knew that she didn’t have chance while he had a substitute protecting him. In the meantime, she would just have to focus on clearing the way for her to get to him. Dark energy began to leak from her paws, forming a black sphere, which grew and grew as she put more energy into it. Then, she lobbed the ball at Solomon as hard as she could so that it would do more damage. As she had known would happen, the Starmie’s replica jumped into the way of the attack, taking the damage instead of its creator. Scyez was disappointed to see that she hadn’t destroyed the substitute, but glad that she had significantly weakened it - she still had plenty of time yet.

Socratic Sarcasm

[Solomon] Starmie (X)
Natural Cure
HP: 50%
Energy: 51%
Condition: Happy with the round; Magic Coat; Substitute (4%)


[Scyez] Lucario (F)
HP: 78%
Energy: 73%
Condition: Just about satisfied; Afferent Anticipation (2 rounds)

Battle Notes
Gible switched for Lucario
HP: Starmie -21%; Substitute +21%
Energy: Starmie -7%
Critical: 8359; 625 or less required
HP: Lucario -18%
Energy: Starmie -8%
Dark Pulse
Critical: 799; 625 or less required
HP: Substitute -17%
Energy: Lucario -11%

Team Notes
Socratic Sarcasm
3 pokemon remaining
3 pokemon remaining
Hammuhyd: 75%; 74%