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(( My apologies for taking so damn long, Real life and .. Yeah D: Hopefully back on track now. I've also linked a picture of Kirito in the name, because I didn't post an app per-se. +10 cookies if you recognize the character.))

Name: Kirito Kazuto
Location: Aspertia City.

The grey clouded sky threatened to cause an overcasting shadow of misery across the city, but desperate rays of light struggled to make it though, gleaming down to offer spotlights of hope on this dreary day. People went about their lives in an orderly fashion. Couples sat and drank coffee holding hands, the children played with their baby pokemon in the streets and the elders enjoyed walks around the parks. Despite the dastardly weather, life in Aspertia City carried on as usual - the inhabitants wouldn't be stopped for anything and as a young girl danced in the street with her Skitty, she seemed to not have a care in the world for what happened around her. The Skitty mewed and leapt from shoulder to shoulder as the young girl chased it, arms outstretched and a triumphant chuckle erupting from her lungs. She wasn't even aware of the man until she ran into him.

She fell to the floor and banged her bottom, which set off every pain sensor in a child brain and within seconds she was a sobbing mess on the floor. The male turned, his purple eyes searching into the child's, his pale skin highlighting the thin face as a caring smile tugged to his lips. His long leather coat swooped around him as he turned to kneel down, offering a helping hand out to the tiny child. She looked up at him with the big round teary eyes, somewhat scared to take his offer of help. Brushing his long jet-black hair out of his eyes, he smiled and whispered to her softly "Its alright, I'm not going to hurt you."

The child reached out and took his hand, almost as if mesmerized by his calming and gentle voice and tightened her grip around his gloved palm, her tiny fingers interlocking with his. Tugging her with restrained force he pulled her to her feet then proceeded to brush her down. Smiling at her, he ruffled her hair "There, all pain can be brushed away, right?"

The child smiled at the man and nodded "T-Thank you Mister!" The innocent voice quirked, before turning to skip away - the Skitty in tow.

Kirito watched the child skip away, the smile on his face fading. His memories of Asuna surfaced once again - Their love had been as innocent as that childs view on life until it was brutally cut short. Shaking his head he turned around muttering to himself "Focus." He had taken a few steps down the path when his Weavile named Dice leapt off a building and landed in front of him.

"You've found it?" He asked the agile pokemon. Dice simply nodded in return and sped off to lead the way. Kirito grunted and broke into a run after the pokemon.

Dice led the way at a considerable pace, darting in-between the residents of Aspertia, ducking, dodging and weaving his way around their legs. Kirito had a much harder time, and had to swerve, leap and pretty much barge his way He was desperate to get there - the encrypted message had struck a bone of worry in him and he was eager to see what would come of it. They turned a sharp corner, headed down an ally before Dice came to an abrupt stop. Kirito had to slam the brakes on quickly to avoid knocking Dice over and trampling the pokemon. Peering ahead he saw what Dice had stopped for.

A shabby run down looking gym lurked ahead, graffiti ed and near ruin. Snorting, he looked down at Dice "You're sure this is it?" The Weavile nodded once. "Well, theres nothing for it then. Lady, Dave, Surge. Lets go."

At his command, the Lady the Rapidash, Surge the Lucario and Dave the Zangoose walked out of their hiding place. Evidently Dice had told them to watch the area around while he fetched Kirito. The team were loyal and the best friends he could have hoped for, truly he was blessed to have their friendship.

As he entered the gym, there were footsteps in the dusty floor. Nodding to the others they headed through what appeared to be an exit door. Pushing it open with a gloved hand he was greeted with a scene of a grassy field, two young looking females standing near a boisterous looking young lad. Just ahead of them was another lad, although this guy looked haughty and miserable and was flanked by a Meinfoo and Feraligator, both which looked somewhat annoyed.

Time for some answers.

Kirito walked fully into the room, flanked by his own team and slid his hands in his pockets. "Well, this all looks rather fun."

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