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Default Re: .:The Pe2k PokeMafia:. [Open]

Let's just put it this way...the anime is finished. The manga is still going. I dropped Naruto a long time ago, but I've managed to stay with Bleach--it's supposed to be on its final arc now. But yeah, it's definitely worth looking into...and if you find the right people, the community can be fun to talk to as well. *cough*Glacies*coughcough*

I don't have youtube so the anime is out of the question, but I've read the manga and will totally admit crying... I actually did it because I fell in love with pics of a Mami Tomoe shimeji I found floating around deviantArt while going through my shimeji phase. Guess who was not happy within the first three chapters?

...I also now own a Kyubey shirt that says "Make a contract, save the universe" and enjoy wearing it to see if I'll get any reaction.

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