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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Location: Heading to Lavander Town


Side Pokemon;

Blue Team had left Celadon so fast they had left behind, Brandon, Stacy and the new guys. They had traveled for days to get to this point. Stressed out they argue over what to do. Reds rash personality tugged at him. He could only think about getting his pokemon back and punching Dredd in the face. Meghan seemed more focused, even Charlie was trying to calm the situation. Red took a deep breath and responded.
"Charlie is right, the rocket uniforms are our best way of getting passed the security..we also have a cover story. Project Shadow..." Red began to crawl making his way to the far edge of the town. The others followed behind stopping when they came across a single grunt. Red smiled as Eevee switched to Jolteon knocking the grunt out. Once he was out Red stole his uniform.
"Its a little tight but hey it works out..Now Megahn how would you proceed ?"

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