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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Location: Making his way away from the ruins.


Hearing Alyssa's words under her breath caused Seth to grow more annoyed. He stayed silent until he heard Lee's voice. Like a nails on a calk boards Seth shuttered at the sound. Seth really didnt care for Lee. The boy would not shut up..and he would not leave Alyssa alone. Seth was a guy whose focus normally stayed around the overall goals of the group. Money and Power..thats all anyone could want right...but somewhere deep down a thought popped up. Was it this kids flirting that was bothering him or Alyssa attention. The thought turned to a joke when he realized that Alyssa was just a pain..she didnt deserve to be in charge and was responsible for a lot of the missions going poorly. After all of that he quickly stopped turning around.
"Lee would just get it up already, she almost died.." Seth paused " She is alive and none of us want to hear your puppy love crap anymore. We have lost are pokemon, oh thats right you didnt lose squat in that tunnel, only an Unown..Poor you." Seth turned to the Unown S following behind him.
"If you Unown are responsible for time you have really dropped the ball. I hope that you willing to try harder next time because if you are not all of us will be that kid who was floating in the air!"

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