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Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
Name: Luis
Party: Party: Gyarados(Rick), Raticate(Cage), Persian(Greed), Skiploom(Breeze), Nincada(Aril)
Currently: Looking for Emma

The grunt made me think for a while with those last words he said. Not to be trusted? Now that I think about it, we didn't know much about her aside from her name and the reason she asked us for help. My train of thought was stopped by JC's Pidgeotto and went into the woods.

"I guess you and I are going to have to get on the same page..I normally just do things without considering other peoples involvements. Please accept my apology on the fight back there. " I looked at JC, I didn't knew if I could trust him or not. He seems like an honest person to me.

''Don't worry about it.'' We then started walking towards the west. After taking a few steps, JC started talking to me.

"So where were you heading before Emma stopped us ?" Where was I heading? Even I didnt knew, I was just walking around without a goal in mind. But I do remember seeing a big building that caught my attention.

''I was just walking around town, I didn't knew where to go first. But I remember an old, big building; it was around 5 or 4 story tall. I may visit that place once we finish this.'' I paused for a moment, we were now inside the woods. ''And where were you headed to?''
Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: Heading to Nova in a hurry !!
In party:


In Box

JC step further into the tall grass using his hands to clear the long branches. Tron followed behind slowly just clearing his own path.
"Gooo Lett!"

JC smiled getting back to his conversation.
" I was looking for Zenith City gym leader ! After days of waiting for him I gave up...I had a list of places to visit while I was here in this region. The mountain was on my list..but that got side tracked and I was forced to come back here to.."

He stops abruptly as he hears the sound of Pidgeotto.
"We gotta be getting close." JC started running throught the tall grass.
With the grunts gone, you guys begin to converse in an attempt to get to know one another. The path starts leading you through tall grass, however, which obscures your vision somewhat. So far you haven't seen heads or tails of JC's Monferno or Emma.

Well, until a shrill scream echoes through the forest. You exchange quick glances with each other before rushing forwards, trying to tear your way through the grass as fast as physics would allow you. Suddenly, the vegetation stops, and you find yourself staring at a sign:


The scream most likely came from that direction--you're sure of it. Will you proceed?

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