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With the grunts gone, you guys begin to converse in an attempt to get to know one another. The path starts leading you through tall grass, however, which obscures your vision somewhat. So far you haven't seen heads or tails of JC's Monferno or Emma.

Well, until a shrill scream echoes through the forest. You exchange quick glances with each other before rushing forwards, trying to tear your way through the grass as fast as physics would allow you. Suddenly, the vegetation stops, and you find yourself staring at a sign:


The scream most likely came from that direction--you're sure of it. Will you proceed?

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The scream sends a chill down my spin. I want to stop and turn back but then I realize Ash is somewhere out there. There is no way Im going to let something happen to her or Emma. I look at Luis
"Be ready for anything!" its all I could think as I call back Tron.

Leaving Route 5 for Route 6

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