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Default Re: Razor Claw's Fifth Generation Trade Shop

My name is kaito
It is Japanese

I use the translation tool # a ... 0to% 20trade% 3F

I have a lot of Japanese Pokemon delivery 6V
Masuda Deoxys 6V
Northeast Victini 6V
Crown Suicune 6V
So please listen to some other

I'm looking for a foreign Pokemon delivery
Serial code Please give PGL Scizor
Turtwig Serial code dream
Chimchar Serial code dream
Piplup Serial code dream

Parushen VGC Abram (North America)
Kerudio HVR2013 (France)
Kerudio INV2013 (Spain)
Kerudio INV2013 (Italy)
Kerudio WIN2013 (North America)

Genosekuto Plasma (North America, Italy)
Plasma Genosekuto (Germany, France, Spain)

Kerudio SMR2012 (North America)
Kerudio ETE2012 (France)
Kerudio EST2012 (Italy)
Kerudio VER2012 (Spain)

WORLD12 Pikachu (North America)
SMR2012 Pikachu (Germany)
ETE2012 Pikachu (France)
Pikachu EST2012 (Italy)
VER2012 Pikachu (Spain)
Pikachu festival ground delivery ※ (Japan) Singapore
Fes Pikachu ground delivery ※ (North America) Singapore

2011WIN Darkrai (Germany)
2011INV Darkrai (Italy, Spain)
2011HVR Darkrai (France)
2012MAY Darkrai (North America)

Mewtwo FEB2012 (North America)
Mewtwo PRI2012 (Spain, Italy)
Mewtwo PRI2012 (France)
Mewtwo FRu2012 (Germany)

Bikutini Movie14 red parent (North America), parent Blue ★
Bikutini FILM14 blue parent (France)
Bikutini FILM14 red parent (Germany), parent blue
Bikutini FILM14 blue parent (Italy)
Bikutini PELI14 red parent (Spain), parent blue

Reshiramu SPR2012 (North America) ★
Zekuromu SPR2012 (North America)
Zekuromu PRI2012 (France, Italy, Spain)
Reshiramu PRI2012 (France, Italy, Spain)
Reshiramu FRu2012 (Germany)
Zekuromu FRu2012 (Germany)

VGC Yogirasu

ETE2011 Kaburumo-Chobomaki-Zoroark (France)
Kaburumo-Chobomaki-EST2011 Zoroark (Italy)
SMR2011 Kaburumo-Chobomaki-Zoroark (Germany)
VER2011 Kaburumo-Chobomaki-Zoroark (Spain)

Please exchange
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