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Default Re: Neku Sakauraba vs. p4




[Henry] Oshawott
Ability: Torrent.
Health: 77%
Energy: 91%
Moves: Razor Shell~Razor Shell.
Status: +1 Att; PRZ @ 1; SPD -6.

Neku Sakuraba

[Lang] Shinx
Ability: Intimdate.
Health: 100%
Energy: 71%
Moves: Switch~Unlucky Fortune.

With a robotic churning, the floor of the arena began to rotate. Large fans appeared through trap doors along the walls and the stray pieces of garbage cans and brick were thrown around the room. The wind paired with the rain created piercing droplets around the room. Both Pokemon and trainers seemed on high alert.
[Field: 3/0-5, Wind field]

Wanting a Pokemon with more agility to dodge the debris, Neku retrieved a Pokeball from his pocket, calling back the small lion Pokemon. In another instant, A large, dark fox was emerging from the red light. He grinned evilly and slashed his claws, warming up his muscles in preparation for this fight. Just then, three other Zoroark appeared. They all smiled menacingly, confident.
[Switch to Higeki]

Henry, obviously intimidated by the large opponent(s?), removed the scalchop from his chest, holding it in his right hand. He began sprinting towards the Higeki on the far left, a silvery-blue streak trailed after the shell. With a battle cry and a twist of his arm, the blue trail sliced across Higeki's chest. The other clones disappeared instantly, into clouds of smoke.
[Razor Shell: Higeki, -20% (13*1.5) Health; Henry, -10% Energy; -1 Def, 1/1, -1 Def to Higeki]

Disliking the intensity of that attack, Higeki knelt down. The large tuff of fur on top of his head began glowing a brilliant white. Hegiki smirked, sprinting towards the otter Pokemon. With a quick jerk, the white hair crashed into Henry, sending him flying into the wall.
[Unlucky Fortune: Higeki, -27% Energy; Henry, -5% Health; Effect, 5/1-6, Henry SLP; Mirrored effect, 45/1-20, not mirrored]

Ash Henry tried to stand, he felt his eyes get heavier and heavier. The first thing to pop into Henry's mind was that he shouldn't fall asleep, as he may have a concussion. But that didn't prevent him from drifting off into a deep sleep.
[Wake: 7566/1-3000, stayed asleep]


[Henry] Oshawott
Ability: Torrent.
Health: 72%
Energy: 81%
Status: +1 Att; PRZ @ 3; SLP @ 1.

Neku Sakuraba

[Higeki] Absol
Ability: Super Luck.
Health: 80%
Energy: 95%
Status: -1 Def.


Neku Sakuraba:
[Lang] Shinx
100% | 71%

Even though the Compendium says that a Pokemon has a 25% chance of waking up if it took damage previously in the action, I Reffed sleep as occurring after Henry took damage, thus it hadn't taken damage after it fell asleep.

For the Wind arena, I said that there was a 30% chance of an object hitting a Pokemon. The rolls were 85, 83, 37, and 75.

Neku Sakuraba, your moves, please.

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