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Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
Gwaine Bubble Flare Hedwig Electron Moonlight
Currently: Making Bridge Puns

I stood by the edge of the bridge as I waited for Minako. We had stayed in Aurora City for over a week. We were finally leaving. All my pokemon were out of their pokeballs. At first they were playing. Now they were whinging. they were getting impaitent.

"Come on guys, what's wrong with waiting? Build a Bridge and get over it. Wait we have a bridge." I said as I laughed at myself. Gwaine was disgusted at the horrible pun I made...

Official's Post

*didnt realize you need an officials post. Also remember to post when you are entering or leaving a route cobalt*

As you stood at the edge of the bridge waiting for Minako you felt a little a the droplets of water hit your face. At first it was very slow but very quickly the tiny single drops turned into a heavy downpour. You ran to find cover under a tree when you heard a strange sound. As you went to explore it you noticed a massive creature raising from the sea !

A wild Gyarados has appeared

With out a fully evolved electric type to fight it off, you are now forced to flee away the bridge. Add 6 hours onto your travel time.

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