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Default Re: CM's Pokémon Black 2 Nuzlocke

Originally Posted by tary313 View Post
how can i get nuzlocke on pokemon balck 2
It's not something you get on the game itself. It's just a set of rules you play by when playing the game.

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
So good to see this back! :D Kailash, darling, you've been missed! <3

Man, you certainly swept through Clay's gym :O I'm curious, though--how come you didn't use Kailash anywhere? :o

(But yay, we got to hear from Spin as well! :D)
It's good to be back, darling! :3

I think I did use Kailash in Elissa's gym against the Emolga (can't remember if was Elissa's or one of the trainers before her), but I was writing from memory so I can't fully remember. And he was used against some trainers in Clay's gym but not in the leader battle itself. The reason for that is because he's going to be my leader in Drayden's gym. And I'm sure he'll get a appearances against Jasp-

The stalker!

*sigh* He'll be in some rival battles, I'm sure. Also I only was able to beat Clay so easily was with how much grinding I did beforehand. I started liking those breeders that you can battle as much as you want X3
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