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Default Re: Challenger [Velocity] vs. Shocking! Gym Leader [Dino]

Round Six

Leader: Dino

[Aquae] Octillery (F)
HP: 96%
Energy: 85%
Condition: Covering herself in suction cups; +1 Attack, +2 Special Attack, +3 Speed, +1 Accuracy, +2 Evasion
Surf ~ Mud Shot

Challenger: Velocity

[Justice] Luxray (F)
HP: 96%
Energy: 85%
Condition: Pretty fed up
Quick Attack ~ Swift

Justice growled and shook her mane. She was annoyed at how badly the previous round had gone for her and determined that this round was going to be better. She began by putting her head down and charging at Aquae as quickly as she could. The Octillery caught of guard by such a hasty attack; there was no way for her to avoid the attack. Still, she noted with some satisfaction that she seemed to be aggravating her opponent quite substantially.

She intended to continue to wind her up for a little while longer. The octopus summoned, seemingly from nowhere, a large wave of water, which she then proceeded to smash against the wall to her left. The tiles were too strong to be broken by the attack, but there was enough force to make the whole arena tip to the left. After that, it was a case of trying to find something to hold onto, as the ground suddenly decided to become a wall. The pokemon tumbled to the ground and picked themselves up again quickly, each watching for the other to make the next move.

Aquae broke the deadlock by firing several globules of thick, muddy gloop at Justice. The Luxray returned fire with a barrage of shining stars. Each star honed in on and eliminated one of the globules, sending splashes of mud all over the place. Some stars managed to get past and injure Aquae, but their effect was essentially negligible.

After this exchange, Justice stepped forwards to get closer to her opponent in preparation for the next round. Unfortunately, the tile onto which he stepped was illuminated purple from when Aquae had fallen on it. The Luxray’s eyes suddenly went cloudy as a thick fog that only she could see descended. The next round wasn’t going to be fun at all.

Leader: Dino

[Aquae] Octillery (F)
HP: 88%
Energy: 70%
Condition: Feeling good; +1 Attack, +2 Special Attack, +2 Special Defence, +2 Speed, +1 Accuracy, +2 Evasion

Challenger: Velocity

[Justice] Luxray (F)
HP: 96%
Energy: 75%
Condition: Where did everyone go?; Under the effects of Fog (1 round)

Battle Notes
Quick Attack
Accuracy: Rolled 22, 60 or less to hit
Critical: Rolled 3960, 625 or less required
HP: Octillery -7%
Energy: Luxray -4%
Effect: The room was flipped
Energy: Octillery -8%
Mud Shot
Energy: Octillery -7% Energy
Critical: Rolled 778, 625 or less required
HP: Octillery -1%
Energy: Luxray -6%
Octillery +2 Special Defence, -1 Speed

Area Notes
Octillery: Rolled 70, 20 or less for effect
Luxray: Rolled 9, 20 or less for effect; rolled 9, suffers from the effects of Fog next round

Team Notes
4 pokemon remaining
Zana: 77% HP; 75% Energy
4 pokemon remaining
Chell: 99% HP; 75% Energy

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