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Default Re: Winter Forum FFA: TURN 1

((I thought I posted this here, sorry guys.))


The battle began to get brutal. While many of the Trainers ordered their Pokemon to fortify themselves, several others ordered attacks. Fire flew around everywhere, but the rainstorm that one of the Dragons summoned stymied the flaming assault. One of the Pokemon erected a wall of light, which promptly deflected and neutralized several of the attacks. Another Pokemon's attack went awry and hit an unintended Pokemon, boosting it's power.

Amid all the chaos, the Rock-type titan somehow managed to stealthily hand the hissing bomb to a turtle-like Pokemon. It then promptly exploded, sending a cloud of smoke up through the arena.

However, the prehistoric Pokemon emerged unscathed, albeit a little startled. It appeared that, because the Pokemon was at full health, whatever the Bomb's affect was was unable to do anything.

The Referee frowned. It was supposed to heal someone, but the Carracosta had full health already. The Referee picked up a second bomb, and with a sly grin, tossed it into the arena. A large pink Pokemon picked it up, and it's Trainer was furious.

"Keep it up!" the Referee shouted.

Serperior uses Protect!
Banette prepares to Snatch!
Dragonite uses Dragon Dance, snatched by Banette!
Carracosta uses Surf on Litwick!
Cradily's Storm Drain absorbs the attack!
Galvantula uses Bug Buzz on Serperior!
Serperior protected itself!
Grovyle uses Faint Attack on Banette!
Banette's Sub shatters!
Xatu uses Calm Mind!
Lucario uses Calm Mind!
Porygon-Z uses Barrier!
Kingdra A uses Rain Dance!
Rain begins to fall!
Gallade A uses Calm Mind!
Togekiss uses Wish!
Venusaur uses Growth!
Gardevoir uses Calm Mind!
Gallade B uses Psych Up on Dragonite!
Vaporeon uses Acid Armor!
Flareon uses Fire Blast on Grovyle!
gliscorman rolled 1 100-sided die: *9
Zoroark's Illusion fades!
gliscorman rolled 1 100-sided die: *94
No burn.
Umbreon uses Curse!
Vulpix uses Flamethrower on Serperior!
Serperior protected itself!
Tyranitar passes the Bomb to Carracosta!
Clefable uses Softboiled!
Cradily uses Ingrain!
Litwick uses Calm Mind!
gliscorman rolled 1 100-sided die: *58
...uses Fire Blast on Galvantula!
gliscorman rolled 1 100-sided die: *57

Rain continues to fall...
Cradily is healed by Ingrain!
The Bomb explodes on Carracosta!
But it has no effect...
gliscorman rolled 1 25-sided die: *20
Clefable has the Bomb!

Kingdra A 68.75% [538] Sub
Dragonite 93.75% [389] Atk/Spe +1
Gallade B 68.75% [389] Atk/Spe +1 Sub
Banette 68.75% [344] Atk/Spe +1
Carracosta 100% [326] Atk/SpA/Spe +2 Def/SpD -1
Serperior 49.96% [325]
Galvantula 34.59% [315]
Zoroark 65.12% [309] SpA +2
Xatu 68.75% [289] SpA/SpD +1 Sub
Lucario 75% [279] SpA/SpD +1 Sub
Porygon-Z 68.75% [279] SpA +1 Def +2 Sub
Gallade A 93.75% [259] Atk +2 SpA/SpD +1
Venusaur 68.75% [259] Atk/SpA +1 Sub
Gardevoir 93.75% [259] SpA/SpD +2 Multiscale
Togekiss 68.75% [259] Sub Wish
Vaporeon 100% [229] Def +2 AR
Vulpix 93.75% [229]
Flareon 93.75% [229]
Tyranitar 75% [221] Sub
Clefable 100% [219] Sub BOMB
Conkeldurr 93.75% [189] Atk/Def +2
Cradily 81.25% [185] SpA +1 Sub Ingrain
Umbreon 68.75% [151] Atk/Def +1 Spe -1 Sub
Litwick 93.75% [139] SpA/SpD +2
Charizard 68.75% [74] Sub Par

25/31 Pokemon Remaining
Send your moves to me by 24 hours (5 PM GMT -5).
If I missed anything, call it to my attention. It will be edited.
It is your responsibility to check for edits, as the deadline will not change.
You must wait until after the FFA to claim your winnings.
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