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Default Re: Navi Town

Trainer: Anthony
Currently: Making progress

With new clothes and a coat, Anthony stood in the middle of town pondering what to do next. He didn't get a chance to capture any new Pokemon back on Route 2, but he didn't really want to go back there for fear of Chain or Link waiting for him. "I really kicked a Beedrill nest with those Mayer guys..." He decided that any Pokemon on Route 2 were happy where they were and he made his way to Route 3. "Might be some unique Pokemon out there, who knows..." He ducked behind a house, quickly changed his shirt, pulled on his new hoodie, and pulled his long leather coat on. He rolled up his torn shirt and put it in his bag, "Never know when some spare cloth might come in handy." Azurius claimed the new hoodie's pocket as his seat, and Selesna and Dimir sat on each shoulder. "I guess we'd better get going."

Leaving Navi Town and Entering Route 3
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