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Default Re: Neku Sakauraba vs. p4




[Henry] Oshawott
Ability: Torrent.
Health: 72%
Energy: 81%
Moves: Razor Shell~Razor Shell.
Status: +1 Att; PRZ @ 3; SLP @ 1.

Neku Sakuraba

[Higeki] Absol
Ability: Super Luck.
Health: 80%
Energy: 95%
Moves: Night Slash~Night Slash.
Status: -1 Def.

Feeling like he had the entire upper hand, Higeki tilted his head upwards, letting the horn on the side of it's head light up a pale purple. He felt the fans whipping his short fur around, but payed no attention to it. Beginning to sprint forward, he tucked his head down, charging forward as quickly as he could. Once his sprinting had brought him right up next to Henry, he jerked his head upwards, sending the small, sleepily content otter flying across the room. Just then, however, a large shard of glass blown around by the wind cut Higeki's side, leaving a shallow wound.
[Night Slash: Henry, -18% Health; Higeki, -5% Energy; Effect, 2518/1-1250, no crit]
[Debris: 2/1-3, glass wall; Higeki, -5% Health; Glass stuck, 41/1-10, no glass]

The pain of crashing into the wall of the arena woke Henry up with a sharp jolt. His muscles suddently felt very loose and limber and he perked back up, ready to resume this battle. He stood shakily, grasping the scalchop from his chest and pulling it back, as he had several times this battle already. He jumped into the air, a neon blue streak appeared from the shell and raked it across the Absol's body, causing Higeki to whimper, and cower for that did more damage than predicted.
[SLP: 1291/1-2500, woe up][PRZ: cured]
[Razor Shell: Higeki, -15% Health; Henry, -10% Energy; Effect, 1/1-1, -1 Def Higeki]
[Debris: 82/1-3, no debris]

Realizing that hiding from such a tiny foe was idiotic, Higeki turned his head up just as he had. His horn, spear, thing turned a bright purple once more, and a light aura framed the appendage. Running swifter than ever, Higeki sliced his horn into Henry's side harder than before, wanting to end this quickly. Henry flew backwards, into a flying piece of glass. As a fragment broke off, it flew towards Higeki, cutting his cheek.
[Night Slash: Henry, -36% Health; Higeki, -5% Energy; Effect, 200/1-1250, critical hit]
[Debris: 2/1-3, glass wall; Higeki, -5% Health; Glass stuck, 15/1-10, no glass]

Feeling extremely weak, Henry stood, panting hard. His legs hurt and feeble thoughts flew through his head, but just as quickly as they came, they vanished. He was suddenly surrounded by a dark blue light, it seemed to lift him. As he removed the scalchop from his chest once more, the aura made everything flow effortlessly. He guided the shell up, then down towards his opponent. The blue light allowed Henry's attack to be more powerful, but at what cost?
[Razor Shell: Higeki, -33 (22*1.5) % Health; Henry, -10% Health; Effect, 1/1-1, -1 Def Higeki]
[Debris: 2/1-3, glass wall; Henry, -5% Health; Glass stuck, 67/1-10, no glass]


[Henry] Oshawott
Ability: Torrent.
Health: 13%
Energy: 61%
Status: +1 Att; Torrent activated.

Neku Sakuraba

[Higeki] Absol
Ability: Super Luck.
Health: 32%
Energy: 85%
Status: -3 Def.


RNG says that the arena remains the same.

Neku Sakuraba:
[Lang] Shinx
100% | 71%

p4r6g6777, your moves, please.

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