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Default Re: The Trading Bazaar

Originally Posted by Dark Moonlight View Post
Once he gets out of the current battle, I have a Bouffalant that I wouldn't mind losing. (I love him, but... He just seems a little tiresome to have around. I used to love Bouffalant, but that adoration for the afro has worn off.)

I would like a shiny Magmortar (or any of its prevolutions). In my Black 2 game, I caught myself a Magby and he proved the most valuable member of my team by miles and I would love to have another Magmortar that perhaps could be the most valuable member of my ASBL team, and together I would love them both.
I think I'll just go buy a Bouffalant! :D

Originally Posted by Neku Sakuraba View Post
I can offer a Venonat (after a battle), a Servine, a Houndoom, a Torchic, and a Chandelure.

If I were to get that Shiny, I'd prefer it to be a Shiny Squirtle, please.
I have a Torchic already, but thanks for the offer.
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