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Default Re: ::Pe2k:: Nuzlocke Association

Originally Posted by Master Rayquaza View Post
I would like to join.
Name: Master Rayquaza
Title: The Rayquaza
Current Nuzlocke(s): Pokemon Fire Red Randomizer

In addition to the standard Nuzlocke rules, I have added these rules.
1. Battle Style: Set
2. Cannot use any items except standard Poke Balls and HMs.
3. No Duplicate Pokémon.

Randomizer Rules
Begin with National Dex
Randomize Starters
Randomize Trainer's Pokemon
Randomize Wild Pokemon

Pokemon Fire Red Randomizer
Name: Shaun
ID: 36453
Badges: 1
Starter Options
Current Pokemon

Met at Pallet Town at Lv.5

Met at Route 22 at Lv.3

Met a Route 2 at Lv.2

Deaths: None
Note: I did not catch anything in Viridian Forest because it was a Cleffa. (Evolutions count as Duplicates.)
Welcome to the group! :D

Wow, a Suicune for a starter? Bet that's been awesome! :D

Ugh, so guys--turns out my Crystal battery is DEAD. So, I've been calling and looking around at game stores for anyone who would be able to replace it. I even called Gamestop.

Nothing. One guy even had the nerve to tell me that Gameboy Color cartridges didn't have batteries. UGH. So I guess I'm going to have to replace it myself...


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