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Default You should click this, but most will not D=< Being shy sucks


Uhh.. Yeah, I suck at introductions. Anyways, I hope to make some friends here! I really need pokemon fan friends. It really gets lonely when it feels like I'm the only one in my group of friends who actually likes pokemon. x] If you wanna talk even more, ask me for my skype!

So, I suppose ya'll can just call me Tricky and I'll tell ya a little bit what I do.

Imma musician who sings or digitally remixes songs from lots of different video games.

Here is my channel:

I am interested in voice dubbing and will be participating with a few members here to do some Pokemon fan dubs just for fun!

I am also writing a pokemon fan fic as well. It is posted on this site as well as

Summary: Pokemon are slowly becoming banned within all of the regions and are forced to be confiscated from their trainers by the law, other known as "Project Gray." Familiar and new characters join forces to fight for their freedom as well as their lives within this new world full of uncontrollable chaos, poverty, and even disasters caused by the imbalance of nature.. How will they escape and why has this new law been given to a world that relies on Pokemon to survive? PG-13 Action/Adventure/Drama[Possible Romance, Horror, and Tragedy]

Sorry for all the links =w= You can ignore them by all means, but it would be nice to speak to some friendly faces bout pokemon! =D
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